• Image of Still life with bulb.

8x12 lustre print 65.00


24 x 36 LIMITED (metallic) canvas print 325.00

details (limited)

4. count em. 4. of this edit ever.

now, before you go saying yeah, but august, you could just do a little bit of work and make it the same again. not even close. this image was taken from the original edit at a smaller size (the original file was lost)

it was requested as a commission to rework it larger. thus the small batch. 5 total.

should you love, love it - but want to have it another way?

no problem. I'ma make some smallers too.

Rarer and smaller batch are intended to increase in value. Listed prices for limited works are subject to change.

Rare and limited works are hand signed, numbered and notarized for authenticity.