Why collect your work?

Aside from the aesthetic and and unique view, there is also a philosophy that i ascribe to which organizes how i go about putting them out in the world.  Each and every image is made to order, hand signed and dedicated then packaged special and with love.

i've been at this for ten years and have thousands of people who have followed and collected my work over this time.  some since the very beginning.

Why limited/rarity?

i come from a fine art background.  The idea of just reproducing the same thing over and over again and getting it everywhere for profit just doesn't appeal to me.  okay, well, profit does.  watering down its value does not.  i love what i do.  i never want to think of my work as a passing phase or something you'd find at a thrift store. it deserves better. 

can i find you in galleries?

i have had shows, but i am trying to create a model that isn't specific to place or region.  further, i am not fond of paying 50% of the works proceeds to the galleries.  In my view, the work stands on it's own.  i don't seek that kind of validation.  my audience has always been most accessible here.  

Can i get other sizes?

Usually, but sometimes the dimensions are specific to keep an image in it's perfect form.

Digital?  can't it be copied?  

yes.  unfortunately.  that's why i authenticate my work.  if it's not authenticated, it should not have the same value.

i only use one printer and have worked hard to maintain the integrity of my printable files.

do you offer discounts?  

yes.  and sometimes i hide them for you to find.

if you live in richmond va area or in northwest florida, please enjoy this one day 30% discount on all orders of  $175 or more. bonus!  hand delivered by the artist before christmas. (contact me for details)

(suggestion...what if i bought one and my friend bought one and..ohhhhhhh)

congratulations.  you've found it.

more questions?  just ask!

augustbachchicago at gmail.

thank you for your interest, support and patronage.